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The final magic word on your film before taking it to the lab. It is a small sum of such a long process of putting film in the camera,winding, rewiding, and such care. Taking photos. Waiting for light. Thinking about exposure. Keeping one ‘s inner vision in mind, How to illustrate visibly such an inward, personal process is always so fragile. Exposed guarantees that nothing wrong happened with the film within the camera and that it apparently recorded all the 12 frames of light and dark, fleeting shades, beams of light, freezing transitory time forever  between what was, and what is. Exposed also contains everything of you that happened while photographing, and the memory of the shots you keep in mind. That is the beauty of film. Exposed is a promise, not yet a reality. At night you can rewind the pictures in your mind. You can dream. You have time. Digital is so quick it interrupts fantasy.

Exposed is often so open, so indiscreet today. Exposed to others, in the press, on social networks, on the web, in the tube, in cities, everywhere. A finished film is so very private. Exposed is just a testimony that light briefly illuminated  the surface of a film. I love this kind of exposure.

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