Getting ready for the 2013 Art League Biennale in Hilton Head Island, SC: Van Dyke Ghost Ship print exhibited

25th avr 2013 Blog 0

This print is the story of an abandoned swamp boat on dry ground, in October afternoon light, caught in a mesh of leaves, air, and rays of sunlight in Edisto Island, South Carolina. I took the photo with my beloved Frères Lumière 1950 lumireflex, a medium format 6×6 TLR with amazing soft glow effect on its Spector lens ( a camera which I discovered recently really started interesting people since they saw the prints)……..I was back from a Southern lunch on  a cabin like restaurant overlooking the sea on Edisto Beach, with two friends, and at the turn of the road, I suddenly noticed this ghostly shape in the woods, my friend Margie stopped the car, and I could take the picture.


A few months after, it was selected during  the National Juried Competition for the 2013 Biennale in Hilton Head Island and I started working on a Van Dyke contact print:  after two weeks, 5 different watercolor papers, 25 flawed prints, some despair at the 20 different zones of light and shadows in the photo and on the negative, some improvements, a lack of sun (I print in Paris on my balcony), some more experience, and finally also some touch of luck, I was able to get this one, which has this rich, dark brown chocolate I so love with VanDyke. I selected a frame, changed 5 times the paper for matting….

Here is it in Paris, ready to board the plane on Saturday, cross the ocean, and go back to its original soul place, the Lowcountry.

More on the story of the Ghost Ship when it is hanged in Walter Greer Gallery on April 30th, exhibited for reception night on May 3d. I will tell you of people’s reaction to it….


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